Voices of Today's Woman Seminar Booklet Cover
Date: October 5-8, 1972

In 1972 on October 5, 6 and 8, Dickinson held a seminar on women in
coordination with the Bicentennial Homecoming the same weekend.  The
seminar was "designed to examine the political, educational, legal, and
social conditions in our society which sometimes tend to reduce women's
participation as full partners with men in many aspects of life."  It was the first seminar on women ever held at Dickinson
and included a play by the Mermaid Players, speeches, workshops and
exhibits.  C. Delores Tucker, Secretary of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, was the major speaker. 

Seminar Pamphlet
Date: June 16, 1976

In June of 1976, Dickinson's Continuing Education Program, in cooperation
with the Department of Communications and Development, held a one day
seminar addressing estate planning, wills, the equal rights amendment,
joint tenancy, divorce and separation, and career placement, which
included seminars led by Jane Alexander, Bonnie Douglass Menaker and
John Munschauer.

Beth Frost Poetry Reading Poster
Date: April 11, 1997

The Women's Studies Program and English Department sponsored Beth Frost, professor at Fordham University and former-Dickinson College English and Women's Studies professor, to do a reading of her own poetry on April 11, 1997 in Memorial Hall.

Margaret Starbird Talk Poster
Date: April 2, 1997

The Women's Studies Program and the Religious Affairs Office sponsored a talk and reading by Margaret Starbird, entitled "Was Jesus Married?" which looked at her book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail.  The talk was held on April 2, 1997 in the Hartman Alumni House.

Date: March 25, 1997

A lecture was given by Christopher Simpson on March 25, 1997 in Weiss Center for the Arts about "Comfort Women" who were victims of sexual enslavement during World War II.  The talk accompanied an exhibit in the Trout Gallery on the same subject.  The talk was sponsored by the Sociology, History, and Anthropology Departments, the Women's Studies and International Studies Programs, the Clarke Center, the Commission on the Status of Women, and the Trout Gallery.

February Lectures poster
Date: February 20 and 24, 1997

The Women's Studies program sponsored two lectures in February of 1997.  One was given by Kristen Miller, a doctoral student of sociology at the University of Delaware, on lesbian identity, and the other was given by Barbara Ozieblo, a professor of American Literature at the University of Malaga, on feminism in Spain.

Freeman Talk News Release
Date: December 4, 1996

The Women's Studies Program and the Clarke Center sponsored Jo Freeman, a
noted author, speaker  and political activist, to speak on women's
political issues in a talk titled, "Feminism vs. Family values: Women in
the Democratic and Republican Parties."  The talk took pace in Memorial
Hall on December 4, 1996.

Cornelia Kammerer Poster
Date: November 4, 1996

The departments of Anthropology and Sociology and the Women's Studies Program sponsored a talk by Cornelia Kammerer of Hampshire College on "Hypersexualized Hilltribes in Thai and Western Imagination" in Bosler Hall on November 4, 1996.

Dr. Janice Hamlet poster
Date: September 19, 1996

The Women's Studies Program in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Humanities Council sponsored Dr. Janice Hamlet, Director of Ethnic Studies at Shippensburg University, to come and speak on "the African American Woman's unique struggle in mainstream society," in Memorial Hall on September 19, 1996.

Witwer Hall
Date: circa 1965

This photo depicts four women studying in Witwer Hall, c. 1965. The names of the women are not known. If you recognize someone in the photo, please contact the archives at archives@dickinson.edu.

Judy Rogers dons traditional Sierra Leonean Dress After Summer-long OCA Trip.
Date: September 26, 1963

Dickinson junior Judy Rogers, after spending the summer in Sierra Leone as part of the Operation Crossroads Africa (OCA) program, shared her experiences with her classmates and local communities. Rogers remarked on the similarities between African cities and American cities, and her own intimate participation in Sierra Leonean culture: students were expected to live as the local people did, eating their food and donning traditional dress when appropriate.

Date: September 1958

Mrs. Frank F. Taylor, formerly Frances D. Rombach, of the class of 1954, died of a fractured skull and other injuries after her Volksagen crashed into a tree in Morristown, NJ.  She was a member of Pi Beta Phi, active in the Alumni Association, and a member of the Presbyterian Women's Circle in Morristown.  Mrs. Mary Davies Harrigan, of the class of 1924, died in Ridgway, PA, Hospital, where she had been a patient for six weeks.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Date: September 1958

Mrs. Katherine Smith Carpenter of the class of 1925, along with C. Richard Stover of the class of 1936, became the newest members of the Alumni Council at the Council's commencement meeting.  Mrs. Carptenter is the law partner of her husband, Clyde Carpenter, '26, and her son, Clyde, Jr., '48. 

Date: May 1958

Miss Edna Wickersham LaRoss, who first entered the college in 1896, then re-entered in 1938 and graduated in 1939, died of a heart attack at her home in Hummelstown, Pa.  She taught English in Peurto Rico and in Madrid, and was on the faculty of Greenbrier College in West Virginia, the Castle School in New York, and at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey.  She also did graduate work at Columbia University.  She also wrote children's stories and was a member of the D.A.R. and the Spanish-American Teachers Association.  Lina M.

Hurrah for Coeducation! Exhibit in the Works
Date: Winter 2010

Dickinson Magazine reports the creation and opening of Hurrah for Coeducation!, an exhibit in Dickinson's Archives & Special Collections chronicling and celebrating the 125th anniversary of women studying at the college.  In the summer of 2009 interns Allyson Glazier, Cassidy Dermott, Alli Schell - all of the class of 2011 - teamed up under the guidance of special collections librarian Malinda Triller to compile artifacts of many types relating to the history of women at Dickinson.  The exhibit displayed photographs, letters, maps, and various other artifacts organized in cases

Date: May 1958

Mary Louisse Rogers of the class of 1949 presented a paper before the Philadelphia section of the Society of American Bacteriologists on January 28, 1958.  Her research concerned the potential use of chemicals, or Chemotherapy, in treating cancer. 

Float from College Anniversary Parade, 1948
Date: Winter 2010

Dickinson Magazine chronicles the birth of coeducation at the college.  In 1877 a committee considered "the advisability of admitting ladies," and the next year faculty voted almost unanimously that women should attend Dickinson - a single professor, Henry Harman, opposed the idea.  He was still opposed in 1883, when a faculty vote nonetheless approved admission of women to the college.  Although Harman may never have warmed to the idea of women at Dickinson, he did agree in 1896 to have his name ironically attached to a newly-formed women's literary society.

Date: February 1958

Miss Sarah Gere Yocum, class of 1891, died December 9 in New Orleans.  Yocum painted many articles which she presented to the College, as well as much china which resides in the Dickinsoniana Collection.  Mrs. Helen Horn Jordan of Wilkinsburg, Pa., of the class of 1897, died December 15 in Bedford County Memorial Hospital.  A native of Carlisle,  Jordan was a member of the Gamma Zeta Sorority and the Harman Society while at Dickinson.  She had a "life-long interest in Dickinson and was a Life Member of the General Alumni Association."

Date: February 1958

Mrs. Richard Hunsecker, formerly Helen L.

Spring 2010 Obituaries
Date: April 2010

The class of 1945's Katharine Knipe Shirk died July 12th, 2009.  She studied sociology at Dickinson.  Emma Cowell Slocum '37, an English major who taught music in public-school, died November 7th.  Five days later, Barbara Kahn '38 passed away.  Barbara worked in health services after studying biology at Dickinson.  From the class of 1940, Barbara Kirkpatrick Stroup died December 3rd. 
She taught for 30 years in Gettysburg at James Gettys Elementary
School.  On December 17th, Kristen Meyer of the class of 2000 passed