Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool First Openly Gay Lesbian Episcopal Bishop
Date: April 2010

Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool '75 becomes the "first openly lesbian bishop to be elcted by the Episcopal Church."

Lillian Buirkle Retires
Date: April 2010

Dickinson Magazine reports the 2002 retirement of Lillian Buirkle, class of 1958, from Parke-Davis/Pfizer, where she held the post of senior scientist for 35 years.

first woman bar president.jpg
Date: February 1958

Katherine Smith Carpenter, of the class of 1925, was elected president of the Lycoming County Law Association.  After waiting for her three children to go to school, Carpenter went to Dickinson School of Law and graduated in 1937.  She, her husband, and her children all live in Jersey Shore, PA, and her husband, Clyde Carpenter, is also a lawyer.  In addition to household duties and her law career, Carpenter is president of the Lycoming County Girl Scout Council, and does much welfare work in her region.  She is also a grandmother.

Zatae Longsdorff's Plaque is Unveiled in Rector Science Complex
Date: April 2010

Dickinson's first female graduate, Zatae Longsdorff, class of 1887, was commemorated by an alcove and plaque in Rector Science Complex.  The plaque was unveiled March 9th, 2010.

Gretchen Dockter Hancock '91
Date: April 2010

Spotlighted in Dickinson Magazine is Gretchen Dockter Hancock, a 1991 graduate who studied geology.  Her major combined with her research on climate change led her to an unexpected position for General Electric as project manager of its Corporate Environmental Programs at the company's Connecticut base.  Since her appointment in 2005, Hancock has seen a 750,000 metric ton reduction of carbon output at GE's facilities worldwide. 

Date: February 1958

Elizabeth Bowen, noted British author, is slated to receive an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters at a special April convocation ceremony.  Since her first work, Encounters, Bowen has published a book every two years.  She is the recipient of the Commander of the British Empire award for excellence in literature.  She is also very engaged in reviewing contemporary literature, and takes an interest both in all genres of reading and in various social hobbies, including cinema, painting, and social planning.

Joyce and Edgar Anderson pose with some of the wood craft they created.
Date: April 2010

Dickinson Magazine features the story of Joyce Rinehart Anderson '45, "the first or second female designer in the American craft movement."  After studying language at Dickinson, Joyce moved back to her hometown of Morristown, New Jersey, and married high school sweetheart Edgar.  At their property on which they have lived, worked, and have preserved for sixty years, Joyce built furniture, decorations, and the house itself, cultivating special skill in lathing.  Today she is recognized as one of the "foremost American craft artists."

Obit Sep 1957.jpg
Date: September 1957

Mrs. Howard G. Watson, formerly Helen Fooks Wright, of the class of 1903, died on May 31, 1957.  She was the principal of a high school in Perryville, MD, and the mother of one.  She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and of Pi Beta Phi, along with the Harmon Literary Society, the Navy League, and the Women's College Club of Cecil County, MD.  She was a also a former president of the Retired Teachers of Marylnd.  Miss Ruth E.

promotion of Hann.jpg
Date: September 1957

Victoria Hann, of the class of 1950 and the Dean of Women at Dickinson College, was given a promotion by the Board of Trustees.  Hann was promoted to the rank of assistant professor.  Dean Hann graduated from Dickinson Phi Beta Kappa in 1950, and went on to earn a masters degree at Columbia University.  She was appointed dean of women in 1964.

first woman trustee 1.jpg
Date: September 1957

Mrs. Helen Douglass Gallagher, of the class of 1926, becomes the first female Dickinson alumna to become a member of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Letty M. Russell to Rev. Mary Anne Morefield, 1982
Date: March 16, 1982

Dr. Letty M. Russell, of Yale Divinity School, writes to Chaplain Mary Anne Morefield about arrangements for Baccalaureate.  Dr. Russell will be the first woman speaker at Baccalaureate.  Her sermon title is "Nobody, Somebody, Nobody..." and is based on Pslam 8 and Luke 2:8-14.

To Be a Woman, 1980
Date: March 29, 1980 [?]

Speech by Chaplain Mary Anne Morefield, likely the concluding remarks she gave at the Women's Leadership Conference on March 29, 1980.  Discusses the women's inequality in the work force and in the home.  Recommends that "the Dickinson community of women" become more alert to stereotypes and language used regarding women, but also to "begin to allow yourselves new dreams and visions for today and for the future."

Being a Woman at Dickinson
Date: circa fall 1980

Talk to female freshmen students by Chaplain Mary Anne Morefield on "Being a Woman at Dickinson."  Briefly summarizes the history of coeducation and changes in the male-female balance of the college.  Argues "that though at present there are more females than males on the campus, the historic maleness of the tradition outweigh the reality of the present situation."  Discusses the significance of the using the term "feminist" to describe oneself, the use of "girls" to describe female students, the influence of the fraternity system on campus, and guidelines from Ms.

Your Health: A Matter of Life and Death!
Date: January 1978

Brochure for a mini-week program entitled "Your Health: A Matter of Life and Death!" that runs from January 30th to February 1st.  Sessions include "Improving Institutional Foods" (moderated by Priscilla Laws), "Depression/Stress and You" (Mary Ellen Rich), "Transitions--How to Deal with Loss" (James Rimmer), "Exercise and Physical Fitness" (Sandra Stitt and David Watkins), "Are You What You Eat?" (moderated by Silvine Marbury), "Your Sexuality, and Your Physical and Emotional Health" (Barbara Chaapel and John S.

WRC Newsletter, 1978
Date: circa February 1978

The fourth newsletter of the Women's Resource Center.  The articles in this issue summarize the talks given during the Mini-Week series "Your Health: A Matter of Life and Death!" that they co-sponsored with the Office of Student Services.  Articles include "Campus Food Consciousness," "Depression and Stress: A Growth Process," "Death and Dying: How We Cope," "Physical Fitness and Awareness," "The Mini-Week: A Wealth of Knowledge," "Chaplain Reist on Sexuality," "Food Fiction," and "Too Sweet?" as well as a comment by Martha Aleo on the Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) and their

Women's Resource Center Newsletter, Vol. 1, No, 1
Date: October 11, 1977

The first newsletter of the "revived" Women's Resource Center.  Includes articles by Jocelyn Daniels ("Protecting Ourselves Against Rape"), Ellen Palzer ("Assert Yourself!"), and Elizabeth Pincus ("Interesting Women in History - Zatae Longsdorff (Straw): First Woman Student at Dickinson").

WRC Invitation
Date: November 30, 1979

The Women's Resource Center holds a party commerating Anya Cherkasova's 75th birthday.  Cherkasova was the first woman to walk across the United States.

Date: February 7, 1988

Chaplain Morefield's sermon entitled "Women and Men Together" discusses issues brought up in a recent letter to the Dickinsonian [January 28th, p. 7] about "a fraternity party whose alleged theme was 'be rude, crude, and abusive' to women."

Women & Men Together
Date: February 7, 1988

Poster advertising the Sunday chapel service in the Interfaith Lounge.  This week Chaplain Morefield will be preaching a sermon entitled "Women & Men Together."

A Celebration of Women
Date: February 26, 1989

Dickinson College Chapel program for "A Celebration of Women" as part of the observance of the women's decade.  Chaplain Mary Anne Morefield preaches the meditation or sermon, entitled "Women: Celebration and Solidarity."