Women in Politics article

John Hilton, in his article in the April 20, 2007 Carlisle Sentinel,
reports on a forum led by Senator Patricia Vance at Dickinson.  The
forum was hosted by the Zatae Longsdorff Center for Women and looked at
the issues facing women who run for political offices today.

Date: April 20, 2007
Chambers Named Editor of Dickinsonian

This article in the Dickinsonian names Esther Chambers '32 as the new editor of the student newspaper.  Although the article describes her as the "first woman to hold the editorship for many years," earlier female editors have yet to be identified.  The other woman on the newspaper staff at the time was Marie Formad '34.  According to this article, Chambers was to hold a meeting on February 19, 1931 at which she would announce who she had chosen to serve as sports editor, associate editor, and desk editor.  A banquet for the members of the staff was also planned for March 6 at the

Date: February 19, 1931
Project Africa Brochure

OCA (Operation Crossroads Africa) was founded at Dickinson by Judy Rogers, '65. Rogers was the College's first representative in Africa in the summer of 1963. The following summer ('64) three other Dickinson students followed her lead.

Date: 1966

For female Dickinsonians, this article tries to help students manage their studies while involving themselves in an extra-curricular, as well as participating in the social side of campus life. Sunday, however, remains for church and relaxing.
For mental and physical comfort, it reads:
a. A minimum of 8 hours a day of concentrated work
b. A minimum of 1 hour a day of outdoor exercise
c. A minimuim of 1 hour a day or rest or reading
d. A minimum of 8 hours a night of sleep.

Date: circa 1945

In two notes written to Miss Margaret Eslinger from the President and Vice President of the Young Womens' Christian Association, Betty (Elizabeth) Bucke '23 and Betty (Mary Elizabeth) Chambers '24, they request Eslinger's help by being a "big sister" to a freshman named Mary Clemens and to "Be the Best Big Sister you Can Be." Miss Bucke states that "We want to work not for our Little Sister, but with her."

Date: September 1922

The Dickinson Dramatic Club revived their fraternity, Tau Delta Pi, in 1938 in order to “recognize higher accomplishments in dramatic art.”  The 1940 Microcosm notes Dorothy Sandrock's notable presence in the organization and her election into the prestigious  position of President.

Date: 1939
Page From the Microcosm

Founded in 1921, the McIntire Literary Society was first depicted in the Microcosm in 1923. Mary Garland, Elizabeth Nolte, Olivette Yeingst, and Anna Hoke served as officers during the 1922-1923 school year. The society was comprised of forty-four members.

Date: 1923

As explained in her interview, Kathleen Briner Meals class of '44 became the second editor-in-chief of the Dickinsonian. At the time this position which carried the title "Co-ed", partly because of the  lack of men around, was a title that was appointed by the school's administration.

Date: November 22, 1989
The Dickinsonian Staff

In 1958, The Dickinsonian was led by a female editor-in-chief, Doris Weigel. According to the Microcosm, the editor-in-chief and her staff deserves "credit for this faithful picture of Dickinson's daily life." While the managing editor was a male student, the feature editor, news editor, copy editor, and business manager were all female.

Date: 1958
Members of the class of 1891

A page in the 1890 Microcosm lists the officers and members of the Junior class of 1891, denoting three women who were attending Dickinson. These three women were Elizabeth A. Low, Jessica Dale Longsdorff, and Leonora M. Whiting. Under the class officers, Elizabeth A. Low held two positions as secretary and class poet. Along with three other male names, the three women's names were politely spelled out rather than initialed.

Date: 1890