Sexual orientation


Founded in the early 2000s, AIDS Awareness in Dickinson Society (A.A.I.D.S.) sought to promote AIDS awareness through education and activism. According to their constitution "The Purpose of A.A.I.D.S. is to provide the community with the realities of AIDS and its impact on the world. This organization is the first student group to offer such contributions to the college community." A.A.I.D.S. was not affiliated with any other campus group.

Date: c2000
Dr. Drew, Love Doctor

Dr. Drew Pinsky, the "love doctor" came to Dickinson to answer relationship questions. He discusses issues like masturbation, pornography, birth control, prostitutes/strippers. In conclusion, Dr. Drew wanted his audience to know that "sex is a wonderful and beautiful thing in the right context and at the right time. But if sex is abused or done in the wrong way or at the wrong time, then it can lead to serious and painful problems."  He also addressed cheating- men cheat beacuse they can. But women do because they are looking for a remedy for their emotional needs.

Date: February 22, 2002

Gays and Lesbians at Dickinson (GLAD) submitted a request for funds from the Student Senate for the 1988-1989 academic year.  In the Budget, GLAD includes a tentative schedule of activities for fall of '88 and spring of '89 and the estimated costs of the events.  The document was submitted to the Student Senate by the GLAD Board of Directors and its Acting Treasurer, Karen Ruocco, class of 1988. 

Date: March 23, 1988

In the late 80’s, Gays and Lesbians at Dickinson (GLAD), was an organization of gays, lesbians and their supporters, and sought to recognize “the presence of gay and lesbian students, faculty, staff and administrators within the Dickinson College community."  Some of the hopes of the organization, as stated in their constitution, are, among others, "to provide support for gays and lesbians, provide gays and lesbians with a college-recognized forum for voicing concerns to the administration, and to represent gay and lesbian perspectives in college political and social processes."  The consti

Date: March 23, 1988
Human Sexuality on Campus

According to the 1973 Woman's Newsletter, Dr. Barbara Varchol presented and discussed her work with students. Dr. Varchol's work focused on the areas of human sexuality, development of sexual identities, and "the ease or hang-ups persons between the ages 18-22 yrs of age encounter in communicating with people of the same and opposite sex and how it relates to the times we live in." The event was scheduled for September 25, 1973 in the HUB Social Hall.

Date: 1973