Women's Center Table

Students staff the Zatae Longsdorff Center for Women table at an event in the Social Hall during the Spring semester of 2008.

Date: Spring 2008
Witwer Hall

This photo depicts four women studying in Witwer Hall, c. 1965. The names of the women are not known. If you recognize someone in the photo, please contact the archives at

Date: circa 1965

This photo depicts a group of female students eating pickles on the steps of Lloyd Hall. The women are from the class of 1902.

Date: 1902

This photo depicts a group of students protesting the Vietnam War. The students marched from Dickinson College past the Army War College in 1969.

Date: 1969

This photo depicts two female students participating in the anti-war march. The march was organized by Dickinson students to protest Amercia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

Date: October 15, 1969

This photo depicts Deborah Siegel, class of 1972, reading the names of soldiers killed in the Vietnam War. This demonstration protested America's involvement in the war.

Date: 1969
BLOG .jpg

This photograph depicts three women mending toys. The caption below the picture reads "Social Work-Mending Toys."

Date: c1940

This photo depicts female Dickinsonians studying in a dorm. The names of the women in the photo are unknown.

Date: circa 1940

This photo depicts the front ahll of the women's dormitory. The caption below reads that the house is "decorated for Christmas."

Date: 1940

This photo depicts a groupd of female Dickinsonians playing tennis, c1945.

Date: c1945
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