Dating from around 1890, this photograph shows Lovers Lane on what is now the Academic Quad. Lovers Lane was a tree lined path from West St. and High St. to East College. Many of the trees were taken down in 1929 which makes it difficult to imagine on the present day campus.

Date: circa 1890

Drayer Hall postcard advertising Dickinson College's all female residence, closer to campus than any prior female housing.

Date: circa 1955

Two unidentified women very happily pose for the camera in this photograph, circa 1970, and appear to be having quite a good time being silly and kidding around with each other.

Date: c. 1970
All terms: 1970-1979, Photograph
Candid Cheers

A group of five unidentified women are captured in this photograph, circa 1969, standing alongside one of Dickinson's athletic fields and appear to be cheering. 

Date: c. 1969
All terms: 1960-1969, Photograph

Introduction to Womens Studies class with Stephanie Larson. Students Julie Song and Heather Pomeroy study a book called "The Lenses of Gender."

Date: 1996
70's Cheerleader

Dickinson cheerleader, Donna Di Vincenzo, '72, does a peppy kick for the camera in this photograph circa 1970. 

Date: c 1970

1980s Physical Education Offering for Women, Slimnastics.

Date: c. 1982
Girls at Old West

A group of five unidentified women enjoy nice weather on the steps of Old West.  Photo taken circa 1940.

Date: c. 1940

Kristy Sutherland, '83, and Donna Yoder, '83 happily stand together in front of Dickinson's library, reading a magazine as the camera looks on.

Date: 1982

The Junior Basketball Group of 1932-33, the Class of 1934. Top row: E. Wentzel, J. Bastress, M. Jacots, M. Davis, E. Billow,
Bottom row: W. LaBau, H. Baker, R. Sharp (capt), H. Allen, E. Hibbs

Date: circa 1933