This picture dates circa 1940 and shows a women's bowling team as a part of Dickinson's physical education ideas for women.

Date: c. 1940

Construction finished, Drayer Hall's first residents move in and Drayer becomes Dickinson's first dorm built just for women.

Date: September 1952

Drayer Hall is planned as Dickinson College's first purpose-built all female dorm on South College St.

Date: September 1950

Historical sign regarding Metzger Hall, a women's dormitory. "Metzger Hall: One of the Dormitories of Dickinson College, Erected in 1881 as the Metzger Institute, By the bequest of George Metzer of the Class of 1798.
Karen Barrowclough '66
Ruth Ann Dorfler
Mary Nolan
Priscilla Hinebauch '66
Kim Larsen '66

Date: 1963

Barbara Wishmeyer, the Dean of Women for the Academic Year 1962-1963, included photographs of her female students in her scrapbook of their pledge formal attire during the sorority rush/pledge spring season. Women had the opportunity to pledge Chi Omega, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha. In these photographs from top to bottom are:
Peggy McBee
Doris Detweiler '66
Carol Frey '66
Ann Davis
Elisabeth Lane '66
Lori Shimer

Date: April 1963

A photograph from the Wishmeyer Scrapbook shows a room ransacked of its contents during the rush season. The caption reads: "During the 'Silent Period' we raided our counsellors' room of all contents- what could they say??!" This probably relates to the many rules, also found in the Wishmeyer Scrapbook, listed as Fall Panhellenic Rules, that female students faced while rushing and pledging.

Date: February, 1963

Female students sunbathe outside behind Metzger Hall in May 1963, relaxing or perhaps studying. Swimsuits showing lots of leg obviously in style!

Date: May 1963

Also taken from Ethelyn Hardesty's personal scrapbook, this photograph documents a group of unidentified women in their nightgowns, getting ready for bed.

Date: c. 1901
Business is Business

Taken from Ethelyn Hardesty's personal scrapbook is this photograph, which shows a group of unidentified women enjoying tea, crackers, and cards. Hardesty's caption, "business is business" suggests that this leisurely activity is one that went on regularly amongst the early co-eds of this time.

Date: c. 1901

Alice Watts, Priscilla Hinebauch (Class of 1966), Elizabeth Wagner (Class of 1966, and Joanne Harris (Class of 1965) dress up for Saint Lucia Day in Metzger Hall, January 1963.

Date: January 1963