Residence halls


Drayer Hall postcard advertising Dickinson College's all female residence, closer to campus than any prior female housing.

Date: circa 1955

Drayer Hall is planned as Dickinson College's first purpose-built all female dorm on South College St.

Date: September 1950

Historical sign regarding Metzger Hall, a women's dormitory. "Metzger Hall: One of the Dormitories of Dickinson College, Erected in 1881 as the Metzger Institute, By the bequest of George Metzer of the Class of 1798.
Karen Barrowclough '66
Ruth Ann Dorfler
Mary Nolan
Priscilla Hinebauch '66
Kim Larsen '66

Date: 1963

Female students sunbathe outside behind Metzger Hall in May 1963, relaxing or perhaps studying. Swimsuits showing lots of leg obviously in style!

Date: May 1963

From the Wishmeyer scrapbook, this schedule of meals includes etiquette regarding when to say or sing Grace before meals, seating assignments, and dress code. All meals are family style and occur at specific times throughout the day, much unlike our modern cafeteria meal plans today.

Date: 1963

Kim Larsen (Class of 66) returns indoors through a Metzger Hall window after being serenaded by a male student outside.

Date: May 1963

Jackie Jackson (Class of 1964) of Metzger Hall rushes to kill a bug that has found its way inside.

Date: May 1963

Kim Larsen (Class of 1966) and Sally Stevenson (Class of 1966) of Metzger Hall in its final years study for Spring semester courses.

Date: May 1963

An article from The Evening Sentinel on Feb. 8, 1962 announces the groundbreaking of a new women's dorm to be built on South College St. It was scheduled to be finished by August 1963 for the new academic year. It would have 125 rooms and would cost $850,000.

Date: February 8, 1962

Tardiness required suitable excuses or punishments were inevitable! This is report to the House Council in Barbara Wishmeyer's (the Dean of Women) Scrapbook for Zelda Clutch on January 4th, 1963. She was 5 minutes late on this Friday night for curfew because she had an argument with her date.

Date: January 4, 1963