Army Air Force


During World War II, Air Crew Cadets received training on Dickinson's campus. According to this Dickinsonian article, all unmarried cadets were required to register a record of their hobbies and interests with the Conferece and Appointment Bureau to be "placed on file and used as a reference if and when the cadet desires a date."  The committee responsible included Jane Bowen, Louise Faupel, Joan Thatcher, and Ruth Wallace.  Marjorie Barkman and Lt. Cloval Cook served as faculty/administrative supervisors. 

Date: November 30, 1943
Social Opportunities Offered to Female Students and Cadets

Included in the "Social Situation for the Guidance of Women Students" is a list of "Social opportunities" offered to female students and Army Air Force cadets. Social opportunities include regulations on walking in couples, hiking in groups, bicycling, horseback riding, buggy and carriage riding, bowling, tennis, movies, dances and dancing, prohibition, and out-of-town social events.

Date: October, 1943
Modus Operandi

"Modus Operandi" (Method of Operation) is a section in a memo on the "Social Situation for the Guidance of Women Students" on social relationships between cadets and female students. The document states that "social relationships between women students and cadets will be managed through a Conference and Appointment Bureau." The purpose of this bureau was to "introduce cadets to women students and to carry out the regulations set by the administration."  This bureau operated only while the cadets were on campus.

Date: October, 1943