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Sentimental Times
Date: November 8, 1989

Dorothy F. Nagle (Class of 1946) describes the night before the servicemen left and the subsequent changes at Dickinson in an interview. In 1943, Dickinson hosted a large dance the night before "the fellows were going to be leaving" from the Carlisle Railroad Station. Students were permitted to remain out an hour later than normal curfew (twelve o' clock instead of eleven o' clock) and to rise early the next morning to see the men off.

Nurse's Aide Program
Date: November 8, 1989

Dorothy F. Nagle (Class of 1946) recalls in an interview how she joined the Nurse's Aide program at the Carlisle Hospital during her freshman year at Dickinson. Twelve female students signed up for the program and received training at the hospital. The hospital needed help at the Carlisle Barracks because their nurses were overseas. Nagle believes she learned more in the program than she did during her four years of college and comments that the army "treated us like queens, but did they work us!" Working for the Nurse's Aide program gave Nagle the sense of contributing to the cause.

Members of the Pan-Hellenic Council in 1953
Date: 1953

In 1953 the Dickinson College Pan-Hellenic Council continued its annually-scheduled activities including Rush, the Doll Dance, and Pan-Hellenic weekend, which aimed to promote interfraternity spirit. The officers in 1953 were Marjorie E. Heymann, president and Shirley A. Holland, secretary-treasurer.

Members of Phi Mu in 1953
Date: 1953

The members of Phi Mu continued to maintain a full schedule of philanthropic and social activities. They held their annual Pledge Tea and Pledge Formal, intended to present the new members, as well as their Spring Formal, held in honor of the graduating seniors. They contributed to their philanthropies by sponsoring cake bakes and rummage sales, and they visited the Carlisle Hospital weekly with a toy cart. In addition, the members of Phi Mu have embarked upon a mission of friendship with other local Phi Mu chapters, in an effort to bring together members founded on the same ideals.

Members of Zeta Tau Alpha in 1953
Date: 1953

Members of the Dickinson chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha continued to dedicate themselves to philanthropic work related to cerebral palsey in 1953. Their efforts included fundraising and awareness through a published brochure. In addition, they continued to support their scholarship loan fund, which assists both Zetas and non-Zetas. The officers in 1953 were Patricia A. Bradley, president; Evelyn L. Sciotto, vice president; Barbara R. Mattas, secretary; and Kay M. Meyer, treasurer.

Dr.Meyerson's "The Proper Study of Womankind"
Date: September 22, 1972

During the dedication of the Charles Nisbet Campus on September 15th, 1972, Dr. Martin Meyerson was one of the speakers invited. Dr. Meyerson who was a renowned educator,an authority on urban affairs and president of the University of Pennsylvania led a lecture on a topic of "The Proper Study of Womankind." He offered a brief history of the female in society from Eve's time through the 1970's, emphasizing the often passive role of a woman. Dr. Meyerson emphasized the question of whether or not colleges and universities have had a special responsibility to their female students.

Date: February 1924
  • Lily Mault, class of 1895 (Law School) became the President of the Woodhaen Women's Republican Club.
  • Jessie Houck, class of 1901, married and become Mrs. N. H. Shaffer. She moved to Oak Lane.
  • Elizabeth M. Craighead, class of 1901, became a French teacher in a Worcester, MA High School.
  • Edith Super, class of 1902, married a Mr. Clifford Anderson. Both were from Bakersfield, California. They became the "happy parents" of David Byron.
Article on Women's Symposium 1972
Date: September 22, 1972

During the weekend of October 5-8th of 1972, a College symposium entitle "Voices of Today's Woman" took place. The committee composed of the Dean of Women Mary Watson Carson, Pam McFarland, who was a graduate intern at the College, and a group of women students planned a diverse program consisting of a play, panel discussions, guest speakers and get-togethers.

11th Annual Black Arts Festival
Date: March 30 - April 5, 1980

On Friday, April 4, 1980, a student talent show held in ATS featured talent from women students Frances Fernandez (presenting a welcome speech and acting as the mistress of ceremonies), Patience Bonner (performing a piano solo), Pamela Foster (performing a reading), Michelle Arter (presenting a dance solo) and Linda Fisher (performing a solo).

Minority women not present at Dickinson
Date: April 12, 1990

In an interview, Mary Synder Hertzler reports that groups at Dickinson College did discriminate in membership policies or in rush during the World War II period. "We were the only ones that did," says Hertzler of her sorority, the Pi Phis. The Chi Omega sorority "left," according to Hertzler, because the national chapter prohibited the extension of membership to minorities. Hertzler initially claims to remember one woman of color at Dickinson College but later revokes that statement, recalling that there "were some Puerto Ricans or somebody" at prep school.

She didn't care for the steak
Date: April 12, 1990

While interviewee Mary Synder Hertzler did not mind the quality of the food at Dickinson's dining hall during the World War II period, not every student agreed with her. Other students "objected" to the food, and one female student took her steak and put it on a spindle on Dean Josephine Brunyate Meredith's desk. Hertzler claims that she "would have no more done that than fly to the moon." This student "evidently didn't care for the steak."

Nikki Giovanni
Date: April 19, 1982

On Sunday April 18, 1982, renowned poet Nikki Giovanni performed in Memorial Hall for the Congress of African Students's 12th Annual Black Arts Festival. The theme that year was "Expressions in Black."
"Writer, poet, recording artist and journalist is often referred to as the Princess of Black Poetry. Her works are collected experiences of being Black, being a woman, a mother, a person."

Sunday's Lady, Sweet and Quiet, Saves her Strength for Monday's Riot
Date: September 1964

This picture and poem is the last page of "A Pocketful of Rules" pamphlet given out at the start of the academic year to every freshman girl. The poem reads, "Sunday's Lady, Sweet and Quiet, Saves her Strength for Monday's Riot."
Notice: she does not have a mouth!

Honor Code Rules
Date: September 1964

Female students were required to abide by an 11p.m. curfew during the week and a 1a.m. curfew during the weekend. If a female student was going to violate the mandated curfew it was expected that she call in advance to warn the House Resident of her late arrival to the dorm. Exceptions were made to the curfew if there was an all-college dance, vacation, days proceeding examination periods, and finally if a student received special permission by the Dean of Women. At curfew, attendance was taken and halls were locked. Special permission was needed then to leave the dormitory hall.

Honor Code Statement
Date: September 1964

After reading "A Pocketful of Rules" pamphlet, freshman female students were required to sign an "honor code" statement. By signing the honor code statement, female students acknowledged that they understood the rules and regulations concerning dormitory life and promised to uphold the "integrity of the dormitory community." This statement was included in "A Pocketful of Rules" pamphlet given at the start of each academic year.

Constitution of the Women's Inter-Dormitory Council
Date: September 1964

The constitution of the Women's Interdormitory Council outlines rules and regulations for elections, membership, officers, meetings, amendment process, and details the duties of officers as well of the organization.

A Pocketful of Rules
Date: September 1964

“A Pocketful of Rules”, one of the various pamphlets published by the Women’s Interdormitory Council in conjunction with the Dean of Women, dictated the rules, regulations, and “proper behavior” that all women attending Dickinson College were required to adhere to. First published in 1964, “A Pocketful of Rules,” specifically outlined procedures and rules of behavior that women were expected to follow in their dormitory life and translate into their social life. It was particularly created to target first year women and guide their adolescent behavior into proper, mature female behavior.

Women's Student Government Association
Date: September 1923

The Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College sought to "enact and enforce laws in accordance with the agreement between the official administration  of Dickinson College and the women students of Dickinson and to transact any business pertaining thereto." This constitution, printed in the student handbook of 1923, included information on membership, meetings, the executive, lesgislative, and  judicial departments, dues, amendment rules and by-laws. The senate board was comprised of the following women:  

Women's Glee Club
Date: September 1923

This is the first mention of a "Women's Glee Club" in the 1923-24 student handbook, published by the Christian organizations. According to the handbook, the "women's glee club is analogous to the men's glee club" and gives several recitals throughout the academic year.

Sexual Resource Group (SRG)
Date: 1990

According to their constitution the purpose of this group was to promote a healthy attitude toward sexuality, to promote responsible sexual behavior as well as to provide accurate information about human sexuality to the general campus community, among other purposes. The group sought to have at least three advisors who would be chosen from Dickinson faculty and administrators, and two officers who would serve the roles of Coordinator and Secretary/Treasurer.