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Phi Mu in 1952
Date: 1952

In 1952 Phi Mu was led by Marianne M. Luckenbill, president; Elizabeth B. Haslam, vice president; Elizabeth A. Fosnocht, secretary; and Rachel A. Smith, treasurer.

Chi Omega in 1952
Date: 1952

In 1952 Chi Omega was led by Diane M. Stewart, president; Mary K. Gleim, vice president; Kathryn M. Kilpatrick, secretary; and Kathryn Williamson, treasurer.

Pi Beta Phi in 1952
Date: 1952

In 1952, Pi Beta Phi was led by Joyce C. Ingham, president; Nancy M. Foster, vice president; Mary Elizabeth Peterson, secretary; and Marilyn J. Unger, treasurer.

Pan-Hellenic Members in 1952
Date: 1952

In 1952 the Pan-Hellenic Council was lead by Phyllis M. Lamont, president, and Marjorie E. Heymann, secretary-treasurer, and was composed of two members of each of the four sororities on campus. In addition to organizing the two weeks of fall rush, Pan-Hellenic focused on organizing the all-college Doll Dance before the winter recess. To enter the Doll Dance, participants had to bring a doll to donate to the children of prisoners; attendees were entertained by skits presented by the new pledge classes.

Date: April 26, 1991

The "New Gym", as it was referred to at that time, was the locale of which all soon to be graduating women of Dickinson rushed to, weeks before graduation in order to complete their physical education requirement. As reminisced by Margaret McAdoo in her interview, this regulation implemented by the college required that all women learn how to swim in order to graduate. (Ironically it is important to note that Dickinson did not have a womens swim team at the time).

Date: April 26, 1991

As explained by Margaret McAdoo in her interwview, Josephine Brunyate Meredith also known as "Dean Meredith", was Dean of Women from 1919 - 1948. She goes on to describe that due to  her ominous presence, partly as a result of her somber appearence, Dean Meridith was regarded as being "very, very strict" when it came to dating, (Margaret McAdoo stated that Dean Meredith suggested that girls should always carry with them a newspaper of some sort of stacked paper just it case the girls needed to sit on a boys lap), school dances, as well as womens everyday wear.

Oral Histories: McAdoo, Margaret
Date: April 26, 1991

In her interview, Margaret McAdoo explained that Metzger Hall, located six blocks away from the main campus, housed all the women of Dickinson College. Situated on North Hannover St., she stated that it offered its female residents dinning services, exercising facilities as well as one of their only sources of entertainment.For females on the Dickinson campus Metzger Hall was the only place they could and ever lived in.

Date: November 1923
  • Anne E. Hoyer, class of 1926, wed John Paul Rupp, a 1926 graduate from Dickinson School of Law, on Labor Day in Westminister, MD.
  • Mildred Masonheimer, class of 1921, married William J. Long (1920) on August 10, 1923. The newlywed couple moved to Plainfield, NJ.
  • Mariette Holton, class of 1919, married Dr. E. W. Stitzel (1920) on September 26, 1923. Dickinsonians who attended the bridal party include: Ethel Wagg Selby (1915), Ada Bacon (1919), Dorothy Kurtz (1922), and Marion Keighley (1922).
Date: November 1923
  • Maud Zeamer Keat, class of 1894, became head of the English department in the High School of Orange, NJ.
  • Anna Emrick, class of 1904, went on to teach English in the Flushing High School of NYC.
  • Ruth E. White, class of 1904, became part of the teaching staff for the Evander Child's High School.
  • Ethel Deatrick, class of 1909, was secretary of the Dickinson Alumnae Club of NYC, but later moved to Rutherford, NJ.
Lights Out Kiss
Date: Fall 1990

Mary Snyder Hertzler describes social and dating life at Dickinson during World War II in an interview. Women could not wear slacks during that period. Mary VanAuken was the only exception as she took flying lessons. During the winter, women wore heavy socks to stay warm as they walked from Metzger Hall, located off-campus, to their classes. Men lived on campus. Hertzler, her beau, and two other couples were once caught by Dean Josephine Brunyate Meredith at Snyder's Drug Store in Mount Holly.

Date: November 1923

The American Association of University Women (A. A. U.W) was one of 17 organizations that formed part of the International Federation of University Women.
On July 17, 1923, in Portland, Oregon, Dickinson College became a corporate member of the A. A. U. W. Dickinson's President (Morgan), appointed the Dean of Women - Josephine Brunyate Meredith, class of 1901 - as the college's A. A. U. W.' executive secretary. She was to fulfill this post until an executive secretary could be chosen formally at a later time.

Gwendolyn Bradley Performs in ATS
Date: March 31, 1980

On Monday March 31, 1980 at 8:00pm, celebrated Soprano artist Gwendolyn Bradley performed in ATS for the Congress of African Student's 11th Annual Black Arts Festival. Bradley had previously sung with the Central City Opera, Opera/South, the Cleveland Opera, and the Opera Company of Philadelphia. She had been a soloist for the Kansas City Philharmonic, the Charleston Symphony, Pittsburgh Youth Symphony and Halle Orchestra (Germany).
In addition to her performance in ATS, Bradley led a workshop for the campus community at 3:00pm in Memorial Hall.

Women Become More Self-Sufficient during World War II
Date: Fall 1990

Marguerite W. Gale (Class of 1943) reflects on changes in the status of women and in her life during World War II in a 1990 interview. Due to the absence of men, Gale coached a boys' basketball team. When the war began, she and her husband, Bill, were pinned. Bill left for the service and did not return until 1946, which postponed their marriage.

Commuter Students
Date: Fall 1990

Kathryn Thomas Daugherty (Class of 1946) describes her experience as a commuter student in an interview. She chose to complete two years of study at the college before taking courses in Harrisburg to become a medical technician. Although she had planned to become a doctor, finances prevented this course of action. In order to pay for school, she worked in the library as an assistant to the librarian, shelving books and helping library users. In order to commute to Dickinson from Harrisburg everyday, she and three or four other students paid a Dickinson professor to drive them to school.

Girls Take the Torch of Leadership
Date: Fall 1990

In an interview, Helen Alexander Bachman (Class of 1946) explains that the role of women changed during World War II: as men joined the service, women became leaders at Dickinson. She remembers one female classmate who became editor, or another high-up position, for the Dickinsonian.

Censored Letters
Date: Fall 1990

According the Helen Alexander Bachman (Class of 1946) in a 1990 interview, Dickinson students informed themselves about the war and the world situation via radios and newspapers. Female students with boyfriends in the service received news through letters. Although the military censored correspondence between soldiers and the home front, recipients were often able to determine whether servicemen were in the Euroepan theater or in the Pacific.

Women's Athletic Association of Dickinson College
Date: September 1921-22

The constitution and by-laws of the Women's Athletic Association of Dickinson College are printed in the 1921-22 student handbook. The constitution details rules concerning membership, officers and their obligations to the positions they hold. Virginia Watts served as president for the organization and was responsible for meetings, appointing committees, and acting as a liason to "college authorities to promote athletics." Helen Conklin was Vice-president, Frances Smith served as secretary, Mary Cohick as Treasurer, Helen Strayer as hiking captain, and Helen Wehrle as hiking manager.

Date: 1907

In 1902 the officers of the organization were: Mary Ranck, Georgia Cranston, Laura Dix and Mary Mosser.

Girl's Varsity Basketball Team 1924
Date: 1924

In year book, "The Microcosm" for the year of 1924, the ladies of the Girl's Varsity Basketball Team are listeted along with the positions they held on the team. Rose Buckson held a position of a "manager". There were several women who played "forwards" position, including Mary McDermott, Virginia Watts, and Florence Spec. Sara McDermott held a "center" position and Ruth Tietrich was a "side center." The rest, Margaret Paul, Dolly Wertz, and Rose Buckson were the "guards."

Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College
Date: September 1920

Under the Women's Student Senate, a separate organization from student senate that governed male students, the Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College sought to "enact and enforce laws in accordance with the agreement between the official administration of Dickinson College and the women students of Dickinson and to transact any business pertaining thereto." This constitution, printed in the student handbook of 1920, included information on membership, meetings, the executive, lesgislative, and judicial departments, dues, amendment rules and by-laws.