Research on Women by Students (ROWS) Symposium


A group of students who had conducted research in women's studies presented their papers on various subjects.  The schedule of events for the symposium included a dinner, a welcome by Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Department of Women's and Gender Studies, Ann Hill, remarks by English professor and member of the President's Commission for Women, Victoria Sams, and two sessions of presentations.  The two sessions of research paper presentations were grouped, "Sexualities and Power" and "Status and Representation."  Student presentors included, Jennifer Chmielewski (Class of 2010), Shannon Sullivan, (Class of 2009), Ali Brandt, (Class of 2010), Shamus Hunter McCarty (Class of 2010), Caroline Radesky (Class of 2009), Laura Smith (Class of 2009), Glenda Garcia (Class of 2009), and Amanda Waugh (Class of 2009).   This event was sponsored by the President's Commission for Women and the Women's and  Gender Studies Department.