Editorial: "A few small steps do not constitute a revolution"

A few small steps do not constitute a revolution

This article by Features Editor Ken Ross comments that “Although
the campus itself continues to improve with age, now is the time for ‘real’
social change at the College.” Ross brings up such issues as the lack of availability
of condoms on campus (except when the Health Center is open), the scarcity of ‘alternative’
(alcohol-free) activities on campus and the situation of women on campus. He

"The College promotes ‘Rape Awareness Week’ and has recently
established a Women’s Studies program . . . Yet there is only one ‘official’
Women’s Studies course being offered this semester and [the] college bookstore,
the only ‘official’ store on campus, continues to market pornographic
magazines, namely Playboy and Penthouse. Perhaps this last issue
explains why women are violated, ‘raped’ not only at the College, but across
the nation and throughout the world. Or that the College does not consider
Women’s Studies an important field of study, but merely a necessity in today’s
politically correct culture."