Sexuality Resource Group (SRG)

Sexual Resource Group (SRG)

According to their constitution the purpose of this group was to promote a healthy attitude toward sexuality, to promote responsible sexual behavior as well as to provide accurate information about human sexuality to the general campus community, among other purposes. The group sought to have at least three advisors who would be chosen from Dickinson faculty and administrators, and two officers who would serve the roles of Coordinator and Secretary/Treasurer.
Although the constitution is not dated, an article in the Dickinsonian appeared February 15, 1990 where the group presented a key note speaker for “Safe Sex Week”.
“Safer Sex Week” was one of the events held by the Sexuality Resource Group. During this week, the group held a series of events including workshops, film showings and discussions throughout campus. Along with “Safer Sex Week” there was also “RAPE Awareness Week,” this also consisted of workshops and discussions.