A Pocketful of Rules-1967

A Pocketful of Rules-1967
September 1967

“A Pocketful of Rules”, one of the various pamphlets published by the
Women’s Interdormitory Council in conjunction with the Dean of Women,
dictated the rules, regulations, and “proper behavior” that all women
attending Dickinson College were required to adhere to. First published
in 1964, “A Pocketful of Rules,” specifically outlined procedures and
rules of behavior that women were expected to follow in their dormitory
life and translate into their social life. It was particularly created
to target first year women and guide their adolescent behavior into
proper, mature female behavior. The purpose of the pamphlet, given to
every female student at the beginning of the academic year, was to
“foster good relationships among all women students, to formulate rules
governing women students.” This pamphlet is the 1967 edition and potentially the last year it was published.

Location of Document in Archives: 
RG 8/103 - Women's Interdormitory Council Box 1 Folder 12