Female Editor-in-Chief of Dickinsonian

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First Female Editor-in-Chief

Virginia Weber (Class of 1946) claims in an interview to be the first female editor-in-chief of  The Dickinsonian. Asked if she believed that she became the editor due to the shortage of students during the war, she responded affirmatively, saying that "there was a lot of competition" for the position: applicants submitted editorials and were judged by a faculty committee. Weber recalls that the newspaper ran stories related mostly to campus events and did not usually cover national or international events. Weber also confesses that she was a rebel "verbally and in writing," which showed in The Dickinsonian.

First Female Dickinsonian Editor

According to the February 19, 1931 Dickinsonian, Esther Chambers '32 was elected to serve as editor of the student newspaper. That article also indicates that other women had held the position in earlier years, but those individuals have yet to be identified.