Women's Lib Under Control

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This will have little impact on our campus

President Howard L. Rubendall responded to Chauncey M. Depuy's inquiry about the Social Opinion Survey of the Women's Group. According to Rubendall, this survey represents the "first evidence" of the Women's Liberation movement at Dickinson College, but he assures Depuy that "this will have little impact on our campus, which in the main is a campus of serious students getting their parents' money's worth...." Rubendall writes that the campus has been able to adapt to the lives of students while not giving into pressures or demands.

Women's Group

Wow! What a great find! As a member of the Women's Group back in 1971-72 I'm so excited to see this historical material. I had no idea that we had such an impact on the college administration at the time. We intended the survey as a way to "wake up" the college community, or "raise consciousness" about women's issues. I'm very proud that we were so active - but I must admit that the survey itself was so overwhelming (and the response so great in terms of numbers) that we were never able to compile all the results as we had hoped. I do believe the survey had a great impact on how women were regarded on the Dickinson campus and beyond.

Women's Group

Thanks for your comments on this blog post. We know little about the Women's Group, other than what we have located regarding this survey. If you are interested in sharing more about the history of that group, we would be thrilled.

Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge on this important topic.

Malinda Triller
Special Collections Librarian