Greek life

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Members of Pi Phi in 1958

Members of Pi Beta Phi continued to support and participate in traditional social and philanthropic activities.  This included supporting the Settlement School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and underprivileged children who were local to the Carlisle area.  Additionally, members were expected to "achieve a high level of scholarship and to serve the college by participating in most campus activities."  The social calendar included traditional formals and teas as well as bridge and dessert parties with fraternities.

Date: 1958
Members of Phi Mu in 1958

In 1957 Phi Mu maintained an active schedule of philanthropic and social activities.  Members visited the United Brethren Children's Home in Carlisle every week, and often held parties or took the children on outings.  They also continued to maintain their toy cart at the Carlisle Hospital.  Social and sisterhood activities included cocktail parties with fraternities,  traditional formals and teas, and two retreats to Camp Shand.

Date: 1958
Members of Sui Generis in 1957

In the 1957 edition of the Microcosm, a new local sorority, Sui Generis, made an appearance.  According to the entry, Sui Generis was officially founded on Decemeber 15, 1956 with the goals of forming bonds of loyalty, friendship, and participation.  However, the organization had been on campus for some time before this.  In 1957, plans were still in the works for a constitution, which would give Sui Generis official representation on campus, as well as permanent meeting rooms.  The members' activities in 1957 included providing donations to the campus chest drive and sponsoring a needy chi

Date: 1957
Members of Chi Omega in 1958

In 1958, Chi Omega members contributed to the Tri-County-Crippled Children's Home and supported Christmas and Easter Seal envelopes. According to the Microcosm entry, Chi Omegas had a "heavily laden" social calendar involving activities such as Frisbee matches against Sigma Chi, hockey games against Phi Kaps during the fall sports season, dessert parties, "raking" parties, and other socials with men's fraternities. Seniors were honored at their "High Society" formal, and pledges at the pledge formal dance.

Date: 1958
Members of Zeta Tau Alpha in 1957

In 1957, Zeta Tau Alpha continued to serve the community and college. To support their cerebral palsy philanthropy, the women sponsored a songfest where various organizations on campus participated. They also held their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children with the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. Their social activities included pizza and dessert parties, a Pledge Tea, a Founder's Day Luncheon, and formals. Like Pi Beta Phi and Chi Omega, in 1957 Zeta Tau Alpha also began to change the executive board mid-year.

Date: 1957
Phi Mu in 1957

The 1957 Microcosm noted that the women of Phi Mu "strive for the founder's ideals of high scholarship, close sisterhood and noble womanhood." The sisters aimed to follow these goals by volunteering at the Carlisle Hospital and Children's Home and through hosting social events such as pledge and senior formals and "parties in the rooms." The officers of Phi Mu were Pat Anderson, President; Jo Ann Rothermel, Vice President; Elizabeth Elderdice, Secretary; and Joyce Roberts, Treasurer.

Date: 1957
Chi Omega in 1957

According to the Microcosm, Chi Omega's activities in 1957 included "outings at Pine Grove, breakfasts in the rooms, and coffee hours with the faculty and other fraternities." Traditional formals and teas were also held. Like Pi Beta Phi and Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi Omega also listed their officers according to spring and fall semesters for the first time. Fall semester's leaders were Pat Eshelman, President; Joan Gallagher, Vice President; Mae Smethurst, Treasurer; and Betsy Reichle, Secretary. Spring semester's leaders were Inge Paul, President; Nancy A.

Date: 1957

In 1957 the women of Pi Beta Phi continued their traditional social and service events. Christmas caroling and bridge tournaments were also popular sisterhood events. While in past years officers held their title for the full school year, in 1957, Pi Beta Phi had separate groups of officers for the spring and fall semester. In the fall, the leaders were Wendy Buckler, President; Lee Steinwald, Vice President; Virginia Burgess, Treasurer; and Nancy Carpenter, Secretary.

Date: 1957
Pi Beta Phi Wins the President's Cup

Pi Beta Phi won the President's Cup as the outstanding fraternal organization in the first year sororities were able to enter. Their victory was announced during the Homecoming Football Game in October of 1972. At the same time, the women from Drayer basement pulled off the traditional Homecoming prank and kidnapping of the duplicate mermaid which was located on the cupola of Old West. Second floor of Malcolm Hall retaliated by taking the original from the May Morris room of the library.

Date: October 20, 1972
Faculty Minutes, November 11, 1940

In the "Minutes of the Faculty Meeting of November 11, 1940," the Board of Deans reviewed a case of discipline in which the Phi Delta Theta house hosted a party "without proper chaperonage" followed by a jaunt in an automobile. The two female students who left Carlisle in the automobile received probation for the rest of academic year 1940-41 and were placed under "special regulations" in Metzger Hall. Another student, who did not leave in the automobile, only received probation "until Christmas."

Date: November 11, 1940