The 1904 Microcosm Wonders About "Dickinson Fifty Years From Now"


In a piece titled, "Dickinson Fifty Years From Now," the Microcosm wonders about what the future has in store for Dickinson College. The writer depicts the story as an Alumnus from 1905 coming to the college with his grandson, who is a member of the class of 1955. One of the most significant things the writer mentions about the year 1955 is how the "co-eds" have changed. They now live in a bigger home, with an adjoining gymnasium built into it. This gymnasium is now full of "dumb-bells...chest weights and rowing-machines and vaulting bars..." and this equipment is only for the women's use. After the writer spends a day with these co-eds he proclaims that he thinks they are "a fine lot of girls...but you should have seen the co-eds of 1905."

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1904 Microcosm