"The Co-ed Will Go or Stay, Just as She Darn Pleases"


The Microcosm satirically writes about a fictitious debate on the question that is to be "resolved that the co-ed must go." The first "speaker" begins by complaining that there are too many co-eds around they are "to the right...to the left of us...co-ed doctors, lawyers, preachers, [and] wives..." and that they need to go. The second "speaker" argues against the first, saying that the co-ed "must be with us always" because college life would be "sad and dreary" without their smiling faces. He further debates with the other speaker to "show me a college without a co-ed, and I will show you an institution without an ideal." The final "decision" of the mock debate was that the co-ed will go or stay "just as she darn pleases."

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1904 Microcosm