A Female Student Recalls Restrictions Still on Campus in '61

March 27, 1979

From her time here at Dickinson, a female student of the class of 1961, recalls the restrictions women still faced on campus in the "Women as Leaders" survey. Women's social life was restrictive in that "Freshmen girls had to be in by 9:00 p.m. on weeknights, etc." The women's Freshmen dorms were also "terribly far away" from campus. Women's sports were also downplayed, which she experienced firsthand. She was involved with the Dickinson Field Hockey Team for several years, but she stated that it "was not overwhelmingly supported." Despite all these restrictions, she felt that women did not have less leadership roles than men. Lois though certainly had her fair share of leadership, being involved with the Dickinsonian, sororities, the Wheel and Chain and field hockey.

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Women as Leaders Survey-1960s (Slotten)