Colonel Wright Presents the Findings of the Committee on the Admission of Women to the Board of Trustees in 1877

June 27, 1877

At the third session of the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees in 1877, Colonel J.A. Wright presented the report on behalf of the Committee on the Admission of Women. Colonel Wright asserted that "the value of a collegiate education by the young women of this country & from the experience of the institutions of learning where the coeducation of the sexes has been tried for some years it may be accepted that such co-education is of advantage intellectually & morally to both sexes." Thus, the committee advised the Board of Trustess to inform the faculty that the college was to admit female students "on the same terms & conditions as to age & attainment to the several classes in the college."

Location of Document in Archives
Trustee Minutes, 1874-1892, vol. 6