Phi Mu Restricts Bid to New Girl

February 16, 1967

In the spring semester of 1967, the Beta Delta Chapter of the Phi Mu fraternity was preparing to offer bids for new members. In order to release bids and begin pledging, bid recommendations had to be signed by the District Recommendations Counselor, Mary Horst. After her request of the œracial statuses of each of the recommended girls and being informed that one of the girls, Bobbie Swain, was of the œNegroid race, Horst refused to sign the recommendation for said girl. A œnegative recommendation is in conflict with all other records, character performance and letters of recommendation of the Negro girl, and the Beta Delta Chapter requested œfurther explanation as to the basis of the negative recommendation.


Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/2 Alpha Delta Epsilon, Oversized