Engaging the World Leads to Engagement Rings

November 10, 2005

Students traveling on Dickinson Study Abroad Programs run the risk of getting involved in serious relationships that sometimes end, like for Natalie Wilson on the Toulouse Program, with an engagement. Program directors note that dating natives helps increase students' understanding of the language and culture, but often times this separates the students from the rest of the student group. In most cases these are American Dickinsonian women dating native men, and usually these women never planned on meeting someone! The student commentaries vary: some believe that a relationship, serious or otherwise, gives you insight into the country and culture, while others believe that a relationship prevents you from focusing on learning. Julie Chalfont '05 stressed that there was a huge line drawn between her Malaga experience and her relationship: "I fell in love with the experience, not him."

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Dickinsonian November 10, 2005, pg. 1