Student Enrollment from 1962-1972 Shows an Increase of Female Students

September 27, 1972

"Recommendations and Report on the Status of Women in the Academic Profession at Dickinson College" documents the information from a survey done from 1962 to 1972, which included a study of student enrollment during those years. In these ten years, female enrollment increased from 33.3 % to 43.2 %. On the other hand, male enrollment had increased as well. The downside to this information was that there was an increase of female students, but no increase in female faculty. This means that students were "less likely than they were ten years ago to have a woman faculty member in the classroom...[or] even to be 'aware' of women faculty."

Location of Document in Archives
RG 4/6 Comission on the Status of Women 1.1.1