Administrators Correspond on "Increasing Social Life Available to Black Students."

August 19, 1970

Lawrence A. Bradshaw, the advisor to the Afro-American Students of Shippensburg State College wrote a letter to Dickinson's Dean of Students, Harold R. Gillespie concerning the limited social life Black students of Shippensburg experienced. In his letter he inquires about the possibility of joint programming for Black students between the two colleges, saying that his students "express a desire to be more fully acquainted with the black students at nearby campuses."
Gillespie responds positively to Bradshaw's proposal and passes the suggestion on to Thomas Stokes, then President of the Afro-American Organization, but stipulates that because it is summer he's sure he will not have an answer from Stokes until the fall semester begins.
As of now, there is no record of whether or not the administrators of the two colleges met or if Black students from Shippensburg and Dickinson coordinated social events together.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 5/99 Dean of Educational Services, Series 9 Box 1 Folder 9