Dean of Women's Notes for Orientation Speech, 1969

June 13, 1969

This document consists of an outline for the talk Mary Frances Watson, Dean of Women, planned to give to female, first-year students and their parents during the 1969 orientation program.  Her planned comments include:

  • Assurance that "[w]omen at DC have never been second class cit[izens]."
  • A reminder that women are "[n]ot here just to get a husband."
  • The claim that the Dickinson female student is a "[b]etter student than her male counterpart."
  • Encouragement to continue educating themselves, even if they get married.
  • The statement that Dickinson "is no longer the conservative little college in Penna. that will 'take care of my daughter, see that she's in at 10, never tastes a drink, etc." Which ties into an explanation of the self-discipline system in residence halls that "assumes that men and women of college age possess maturity to the degree that" they are capable of such self-governance. 
Location of Document in Archives
RG 2/5 President's Office Series 4, Box 4, Folder 7