Resolution for Quota to Limit Female Students at Dickinson College, 1909

February 25, 1909

On February 25, 1909 convened to discuss the system of coeducation and whether or not coeducation should be continued at Dickinson College. According to the committee, though men were ardently against coeducation at its onset in 1884, many male students are no longer "irritated" by the presence of women at Dickinson College. However, many male students and alumni were concerned that female students, "have won an altogether disproportionate share of College honors and prizes. These successes, however, on the part of the women of the College, in the opinion of your Committee, have been due not so much to intellectual superiority of the women as to fewer distraction, by far, to encounter than have the men." Thus, the committee decided to limit the number of women at Dickinson College through the establishment of a quota. The quota was set at 20 percent. According to the Committee, this would allow Dickinson College to remain a "men's college."

Location of Document in Archives
Trustee Minutes, 1893-1928, vol. 7