Picture of the Class of 1896 Includes Female Students


A picture of the junior class of 1896 is shown in the 1895 Microcosm. In the photograph it includes the images of the five women of the class, Mary L. Billings, Anna E. Isenberg, Frances C. Logan, Mary Thompson and Mary Wilcox. Under the class officers, Mary Thompson is listed as being the class poetess. There is also a section included in the Microcosm that lists some fun facts about the junior class. For Mary Billings it lists that she is only 16, her favorite pastime is rowing and that in the future she wants to become a teacher. Anna Isenberg also 16, enjoys playing tennis and wants to become a teacher. Frances Logan is 16 as well, but wants to pursue Music as her future occupation and her favorite pastime is talking. Mary Thompson is 16, enjoys playing Tennis and hopes as her future occupation to go into medicine. Mary Wilcox, just like some of the previous women, is 16 and wants to become a teacher and enjoys reading as her favorite pastime.

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1895 Microcosm