Carlisle Barracks

The Red Cross: Women Rise to Social Service

November 18, 1989

As expressed by Margaret MacGregor in her interview she evoked that during the Second World War the great majority of Dickinson College women were extensively involved in social service deeds. As a result of drastic nurse shortages brought about by the global effort overseas, dozens of women would take the Red Cross nurses aid course and for several hours a week worked at the Carlisle Barracks, the Army War College, and the Carlisle Hospital.

Nagle Joins the Nurse's Aide Program during World War II

November 8, 1989

Dorothy F. Nagle (Class of 1946) recalls in an interview how she joined the Nurse's Aide program at the Carlisle Hospital during her freshman year at Dickinson. Twelve female students signed up for the program and received training at the hospital. The hospital needed help at the Carlisle Barracks because their nurses were overseas. Nagle believes she learned more in the program than she did during her four years of college and comments that the army "treated us like queens, but did they work us!" Working for the Nurse's Aide program gave Nagle the sense of contributing to the cause.