Lloyd Hall

"A Midnight Prowler" at Lloyd Hall


A 'Miscellany' section of the Microcosm included a story about a "night prowler" at Lloyd Hall. Apparently one night, one of the female students saw a man peering in a window at her. This of course caused quite a stir amongst the females staying in Lloyd Hall. To calm the women down, a man was asked to sleep in the Hall until the excitement was over. A Dr. Gooding explained the event in syllogistic form stating, "Man helpful in emergency. Emergency at Lloyd Hall. Man helpful at Lloyd Hall."

Soliloquy of a Co-Ed


"The Soul of the Violet or Soliloquy of a Co-ed" is a poem written in the 1900 Microcosm about unrequited love. It is written from the perspective of the woman, whose love was not returned from the man she loves and so is forever haunted by the flowers he had once given her. All day she thinks about the violets, even when she must "muse in drear Ladies' Hall", she is constantly reminded.

The Onion reports on the Activities at Lloyd Hall


In the alternative periodaical The Onion, male Dickinsonians reported on the activities at Lloyd Hall (the women's dormitory). In an 1908 issue, the "Lloyd Hall correspondent" reported that, "Mr. Phares, '11 visited Lloyd Hall under peculiar circumstances. The Freshman rang the bell and inquired if ANY of the girls were home. Mrs.

The Board of Trustees Sells Lloyd Hall

February 26, 1915

On motion of Frank C. Bolser, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees was authorized to sell Lloyd Hall, the former women's dormitory. The Trustees wanted at least $5000 for the building.      

Female Students Petition the Board of Trustees for Better Living Conditions

June 9, 1913

On June 9, 1913, the Board of Trustees received a letter from the "girls of Lloyd Hall," demanding the Trustees acknowledge the poor conditions in which the women lived. In particular, the women mentioned the unsanitary conditions, the crowding, and the poor ventilation. Moreover, the women assert that the, "absence of fire escapes make Lloyd Hall a veritable death trap." The women asked that the building be renovated for the next school year.

The Board of Trustees Discusses Turning South College into a Dormitory for Women

February 25, 1909

Following their decision not to abolish coeducation but rather to implement a quota on female students, the Board of Trustees discussed living arrangements for women on Dickinson's campus. The president of the College asked the Board of Trustees to turn South College into a dormitory for women. The president argued that Lloyd Hall was too small for the women of the college, many of whom had to find housing elsewhere. Thus, the Board of Trustees agreed and decided to renovate South College with a "moderate outlay of money."

Mary R. Burton Establishes Lloyd Hall, the First Women's Dormitory

February 7, 1905

In remembrance of Reverend J. R. Lloyd, Mary R. Burton donated $5,000 to Dickinson College in 1905. Burton requested that a portion of her donation go to the establishment of the first women's dormitory at Dickinson College. Moreover, she asked that the dormitory be named in honor of Reverend Lloyd.