Metzger College

Dean Meredith's Family Works at Metzger Hall

January 22, 1920

In her letter to President Morgan dated January 22, 1920, Dean Meredith discusses the running of the household at Metzger Hall. According to Meredith, in order to run the Hall, "two cooks, two house maids, two waitresses, a dishwasher, and George [a janitor]" are needed. The Dean of Women is concerned that the current staff, hired by Sarah K. Ege (the "Lady in charge of Metzger College"), are stealing from the college. Moreover, she argues that they do not do their jobs.

Dickinson College Leases Metzger College

January 20, 1914

In 1914, on motion of Issac McCurley, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees secured the lease of Metzger College. Metzge College was to be the new dormitory for female students. The motion was seconded by Charles K. Zug.