Glee Club

Women's Extracurricular Activities in "Women at Dickinson College" - by Josephine Brunyate Meredith

circa 1935

In her essay " Women at Dickinson College," Josephine Brunyate Meredith discussed women's extracurricular activities at Dickinson College. Meredith first examined the women's literary societies. She argued that the two women's literary societies were not as well organized as the male literary societies. She wrote that "The Literary Societies, however, provide the only chance for many of the students to learn how to speak and if properly helped by the Faculty many students would work hard and enjoy the work.

Egyptian Co-ed on Dickinson

October 25, 1963

An article in The Dickinsonian chronicles the Dickinson adventures of Laila Nada, a freshman co-ed from Egypt who had never left her country before coming to Dickinson. A biology major, the international co-ed wanted to continue her education after Dickinson and planned to remain in the United States over the summer. She reported that Dickinson students were more friendly than Egyptians and admitted that she would like to see a women's swimming team at Dickinson.

New College Song

May 1924

The "Dickinson Marching Song" was introduced by the Glee Club under the direction of Professor C. E. Wass, and presented to the entire student body.

The song was written and composed by Mrs. Helen Hall Bucher of Boiling Springs, PA - the mother of Helen Bucher Malcolm, who died before graduating but would have been part of the class of 1915.



Club Costs Based on Gender in 1923

June 4, 1923

In the 1923 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the issue of club expenses was discussed. In the end, the Trustees decided to divide cost based on gender.

Cap on Women's Enrollment?

August 1923

The Board of Trustees held their annual meeting every June. In 1923 they agreed to increase professors salaries very slightly and to endorse The Alumnus publication. Moreover, they approved the student body's request for the collection of a fee
from incoming students, which would be directed at supporting
activities such as the Athletic Association and Glee Clubs. This would
be of further use since it would reduce the number of people that
failed to show up when they were expected.