Literary Publications

Poetry Reading by Beth Frost

April 11, 1997

The Women's Studies Program and English Department sponsored Beth Frost, professor at Fordham University and former-Dickinson College English and Women's Studies professor, to do a reading of her own poetry on April 11, 1997 in Memorial Hall.

Umoja Staff, 1973


This photo depicts the staff of Umoja, a publication printed by the Congress of African Students.

"Personal Adventures in Race Relations : We Need Atomic Understanding!"


"Personal Adventures in Race Relations" by Esther Popel Shaw (class of1919), Dickinson's first African American female graduate, was published in 1946. It addresses the sources of prejudice and racism, and she urges in her introduction that cooperation is necessary to overcome these detrimental assumptions regarding African Americans. "At a time when all our energies are needed to meet and solve together the crucial problems of the postwar period, we find a large element of the population torn by resentment, suspicion and hatred.

The "Neurotic Nine" Liked to Publicize

March 16, 1979

A female graduate of the class of 1965 remembers her involvement with the literary publications at Dickinson in her "Women as Leaders" survey. In addition to the Dickinsonian, she recalls another publication of a similar nature that appeared during her sophomore or junior years. It was a group known as the "neurotic nine" who wrote a parody of the daily paper. This unnamed paper was distributed on campus by boxes nailed to trees.