Ethelyn Hardesty's Diary, 1901-1902

September 8, 1901

Ethelyn Hardesty's diary chronicles her senior year at Dickinson College. The diary spans from September 8, 1901 to June 15, 1902. The entries are brief and record her daily activities. A transcription of the dairy is available in the Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections.

Zatae Longsdorff's Childhood Diary, 1874

January 1, 1874

At the age of 8, Zatae Longsdorff began a diary. Her diary documented her young life and describes her time playing outdoors, her passion for reading, as well as her love of animals. Zatae kept the diary from January 1, 1874 until February 28, 1874.

Womens' Center Journals


A journal taken from the womens center, it contains female Dickinsonians rants, frustrations, and the sharing of stories. Many of the stories have to do with sexual assault or rape and demonstrate how the Women's Center was a safe place for these women to share their stories and try to find some peace.