Mulford, Barbara

Microcosm Presents the Varga Girls


The 1945 Microcosm presented Dickinson's "Varga Girls" in its features section. A photograph of Varga himself, signed "Best Wishes to Microcosm," indicates that the artist selected Dickinson's "Varga Girls." These women included: Ann Gates, Barbara Mulford, Dorothy Nagle, Alma Anderson, and Marion Clowes.

1943 Co-Eds


The 1943 Microcosm added pictures of co-eds in the "Features" section. These women, selected by the Officers of the 32nd College Training Detachment of the Army Air Forces, included: Elizabeth Black, Charlotte Stopford, Barbara Mulford, Lucille Sweet, and Jean Carson.

The Pin-up Girl


The features of the 1944 Microcosm presents Dickinson's "Pin-up Girls": students selected the ten "most attractive" females from Dickinson and sent their photographs to a judge in order to determine the top five. For 1944, the top five women selected were: Edith Ann Lingle, Barbara Mulford, Wilma Barkalow, Lucille Sweet, and Ann Gates.