Bahrs, Shirley

Puritannical Rules and No Place to Go

October 28, 1960

The Dickinsonian reports on the issue of campus rules and surveys student opinions. One fraternity man described the social rules as puritannical. Bill Jones disagreed with the rule regarding women visitors in fraternity houses. According to the article, many students expressed disatisfaction over the "lack of places for couples or mixed groups to meet informally...." Shirley Bahrs complained of the lack of activities on campus, and Betsy Kraft bemoaned the fact that Drayer Hall, a women's dormitory, had no recreation room.

"The Prettiest Girls" - The 1960 Miss Microcosm and Her Court


The 1960 Microcosm recruited two judges to select the year's Miss Microcosm. They chose Paula Shedd from among Dickinson's "prettiest girls." Her court included: Shirley Bahrs, Mary Fox, Sonja Gohn, Dottie Gayner, Susan McDowell, Joan Spire, Judith Simoni, and Mary L. Thomson. According to the Microcosm, Paula represents "the ultimate of beauty of Dickinson."