Harris, Joanne

St. Lucia Day in Metzger Hall

January 1963

Alice Watts, Priscilla Hinebauch (Class of 1966), Elizabeth Wagner (Class of 1966, and Joanne Harris (Class of 1965) dress up for Saint Lucia Day in Metzger Hall, January 1963.

Co-Ed's Decision

October 4, 1963

In a letter to the editor of The Dickinsonian, JoAnne Harris discusses the social rules for co-eds at Dickinson College. She discusses the benefits accrued by the "Rules Experiment" when the college permitted more drinking and loosened social rules. She explained why she believed the college needed to take a more rigid stance on drinking rules, but she asserted that co-eds would need to exercise personal responsibility in Fraternity houses regardless of the rules or their enforcement.

The Smart Looking Woman

September 27, 1963

JoAnne Harris wrote an article on fashion for the college woman entitled "College Wardrobe Planning Demands Practical Thought"  in The Dickinsonian. Harris begins by citing Cinderella's wardrobe predicament as one shared by all college women. She interviewed Robert Einstein of the Fashion House and Mrs. Houston of the Boutique in order to discover the secret of planning a successful wardrobe in college. The interviewees warned that practical fashion did not mean dull fashion and claimed that what women wore during college would become their style after college.

1963 Miss Microcosm


The 1963 Microcosm staff continued to place the Miss Microcosm feature in the front half of the yearbook like it did in 1962. Unlike in 1962, however, the staff does not divulge how it made the selection. Miss Microcosm Barbara Duvall "will be married in June" and "represents the model of beauty, charm, and personality of the Dickinson coed." Her maid of honor and runners up included Brenda Sadler, Linda Goodridge, Carnie Green, Joanne Harris, Ginny Krueger, Cheryl Livingston, and Ginny Sutton.