Bracken, Mary E.

The 1908 Annual Banquet of Graduate and Undergraduate Women of Dickinson College

June 9, 1908

Anna M. Bacon's scrapbook from 1906-1908 displayed a copy of the program from the "Annual Banquet of Graduate and Undergraduate Women of Dickinson College." The event included toasts on different aspects of the college life, from Lloyd Hall to Civic Duties. The program shows that the committee for this event included these women: Elizabeth Low (Class of 1891), May Hull (Class of 1903), Mary Thompson (Class of 1896), Isabel Goldsmith (Class of 1904), Anna C.

"The Co-Eds, Et Al."


"The Co-Eds, Et Al." is a humorous poem on how co-education changes education in the law school. These women who are studying to become lawyers alongside the men cause them to study and work hard to impress them. Unfortunately for them, the women there are not striving to win a man, but "rather to have a professional name." The poem then goes on to praise each of the five women who are studying law with them and wishes them the best of luck in the future.