Chaapel, Barbara

Your Health: Matter of Life and Death!

January 1978

Brochure for a mini-week program entitled "Your Health: A Matter of Life and Death!" that runs from January 30th to February 1st.  Sessions include "Improving Institutional Foods" (moderated by Priscilla Laws), "Depression/Stress and You" (Mary Ellen Rich), "Transitions--How to Deal with Loss" (James Rimmer), "Exercise and Physical Fitness" (Sandra Stitt and David Watkins), "Are You What You Eat?" (moderated by Silvine Marbury), "Your Sexuality, and Your Physical and Emotional Health" (Barbara Chaapel and John S.

"Meanderings": Reflecting on "Women's Libbers"

January 1974

Barbara Chaapel writes a reflection in the Dickinson Women’s Newsletter on what it means to her to be a “liberated” individual, and more specifically to be part of the Women’s Liberation Movement.  In her piece, she explores the stigma that is associated with being labeled a “woman’s libber” and says that for her, because she has “considered [herself] a liberated person long before the ‘movement’ brought her freedom to words, no change in dress or language will make her more or less liberated”.  “Liberation,” Chaapel argues, “is an attitude about oneself and something that every woman must