Metzger Hall

Dean Meredith Found a Speaker to Discuss "Sex Hygiene" with Female Students at Dickinson College

January 22, 1920

In a lengthy letter to President Morgan, Dean Meredith discussed chaperons, the inadequacy of Metzger Hall Staff, the running of Metzger Hall, and her family's situation. Most interestingly, Meredith wrote about a woman she met in Harrisburg named Dr. Taylor. According to the letter, Dr. Taylor is willing to give "six to eight talks" to Female Dickinsonians on "the care of the health and sex hygiene." Dean Meredith explained that "Our girls here are very much in need of such instruction.

"The Presence of the Black American at Dickinson College from 1773 to the Present," a Research Paper by Elaine Vivian Watson

May 10, 1984

In her 1984 research paper "The Presence of the Black American at Dickinson College from 1773 to the Present," Elaine Vivian Watson researched the influence of "Black America" upon Dickinson College. Her paper includes information on "unfamous firsts" at Dickinson as well as information on the Black Alumni Questionaire.


Some "Unfamous Firsts" Include:


1901: John Robert Paul Brock is the first black male student to graduate from Dickinson College.


Presidents' Council Minutes: Footwear Suggestions for Women

February 6, 1963


During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of February 6, 1963, women of all dorms (except, for some reason, Drayer and Metzger) were advised of what could be considered acceptable footwear for bad-weather days: 


Presidents' Council Minutes: Big Changes to Dis 'N Data

April-May 1962

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meetings of April 18 and 25 and May 16 1962, significant changes were introduced to the Dis 'N Data (women's handbook for social rules/dorm regulations):

April 18

Presidents' Council Minutes: Smoking, Sunbathing, Clothes and Chicks (no, really)

April 11, 1962


During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of April 11, 1962, members of the Dining Room committee decided that women could continue smoking in Morgan and Drayer. In addition, the representatives of Metzger requested permission to wear bathing suits while sunbathing. Additionally, residents were requested not to bring chicks into their dorm rooms and House Directors complained about casual clothes:

"Dating," "Dancing," and "Chaperonage" in Dean Meredith's Report "Women at Dickinson College"

circa 1935

In her essay "Women at Dickinson College", Dean Meredith discussed dating, dances, and chaperonage at Dickinson College. She explained, "The college is sometimes criticized because boys and girls are together socially so much. Other criticism is not just but it is somewhat merited. About 8 couples can be so conspicuous that they give the college an unenviable reputation." Meredith argued that it is easier to control the relationships if the woman lived in Metzger, however, it was much more difficult to control commuters.