Sexually transmitted diseases

The Dickinsonian Reports on Condom Distribution at Dickinson

October 1, 1987

Liz Lukacs and L. J. Simmons reported in the October 1, 1987 edition of the Dickinsonian on the decision of the Health Center to distribute condoms, free of charge, describing how the Health Center, Sexuality Resource Group and Women's Center were all involved.

Opinion: SHAC should be supported

February 27, 1992

An editorial piece discussing the possibility of making condoms available in
residence halls, stating “if that course of action saves just one individual
from an unwanted pregnancy or the AIDS virus, it will be worth it.”

AIDS Awareness in Dickinson Society (A.A.I.D.S.) Constitution


Founded in the early 2000s, AIDS Awareness in Dickinson Society (A.A.I.D.S.) sought to promote AIDS awareness through education and activism. According to their constitution "The Purpose of A.A.I.D.S. is to provide the community with the realities of AIDS and its impact on the world. This organization is the first student group to offer such contributions to the college community." A.A.I.D.S. was not affiliated with any other campus group.

The Office of Student Services Initiated a Trial Program of Gynecological Referral

March 11, 1976

In the middle of the spring 1976 semester, the Office of Student Services initiated a trial program of gynecological referal. The funding for the problem was limited so no services were provided by the school. The goal of this program was rather to find out what services women at Dickinson needed. They hoped to provide such car at the college in the future.

Sexuality Resource Group (SRG)


According to their constitution the purpose of this group was to promote a healthy attitude toward sexuality, to promote responsible sexual behavior as well as to provide accurate information about human sexuality to the general campus community, among other purposes. The group sought to have at least three advisors who would be chosen from Dickinson faculty and administrators, and two officers who would serve the roles of Coordinator and Secretary/Treasurer.