Sororities at Dickinson: Do they serve a purpose?

November 15, 1963

In an article entitled "Analysis Suggests Sororities at Dickinson Serve No Purposes and Produce Barriers," a writer for The Dickinsonian explores whether or not sororities are justifiable at a liberal arts college. The author argues that it is not difficult to make friends on a small campus and that there is a psychological danger to the rejection some face at the hands of sororities. Moreover, the author called for sororities to justify their existence, especially in light of the discrimination they practiced toward black women. According to the reporter, national sorority councils would justify the exclusion of minority women from chapters by asking, "Is this girl mutually acceptable...even to our chapters in the South?" Another article on the same page provided the alternative argument--that sororities "supplement academic pursuits" by providing a backdrop for social growth.

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Dickinsonian November 15, 1963