The Onion reports on the Activities at Lloyd Hall


In the alternative periodaical The Onion, male Dickinsonians reported on the activities at Lloyd Hall (the women's dormitory). In an 1908 issue, the "Lloyd Hall correspondent" reported that, "Mr. Phares, '11 visited Lloyd Hall under peculiar circumstances. The Freshman rang the bell and inquired if ANY of the girls were home. Mrs. McAnney, who was present, asked if there was any particular girl he would like to see, but the Freshman said, "Oh no, send any of them down, I'm not particular, I just want to talk to some co-ed," According to the excerpt, Phares could think of nothing to say to the "co-ed" and said good night.

Location of Document in Archives
"The Onion," Vol. 1, No. 1, 1908