Dean Meredith is Criticized by Unknown Person for her Decision on Dances

February 18, 1920

An unsigned letter, dated February 18, 1920, to Dean Meredith comments on her communication with Dean Filler about the decision to allow, or not, the female students to go to the public dance. The unnamed writer criticizes Dean Meredith on her decision to possibly allow the ladies to go on the fact that the girls had in the past been allowed to go to such dances. This person confirms that they are "quite sure that there has never been anything of the sort before." The person then gives Dean Meredith their permission for her to allow the women to go to this dance, even though they "personally prefer that permission be refused." As a final statement, the unnamed person compliments Dean Meredith's rule of "no dances except the fraternity dances...for Saturday afternoon dances" and feels it should be more pronounced as a rule.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/122 Women's Student Government Association Box 1 Folder 10