Wellness and Health for the 1920s Dickinson Woman


Compiled by the Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, the Physical Director of the Y.W.C.A, Catharine Shaefer, and the Chairman of the Health Education Committee of the Y.W.C.A, Kathryn Riley. this pamphlet gives advice regarding the "Five Enemies of Health"- "Constipation, Colds, Cramps, Indigestion, and Worry" along with their causes and treatment. According to its authors, a normal young lady requires 2,450 calories per day, roughly beacuse it depends on the activity level of her lifestyle.  It explains how calories should be divided by fats, proteins, and carbs, as well as the necessity of vitamins. A sample menu is provided that gives 3300 calories for the day with a balance of nutrition.

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