The F-Word

October 7, 2008

The Extra Features on the Dickinson College website documents the creation and activism of the Feminist Collective. Formerly the Zatae Longsdorff Center for Women, the Feminist Collective is the new student-led women's feminist organization on campus. The first women's center was created in 1984 as a support and research center, named after the first woman to graduate from Dickinson, Zatae Longsdorff.  With this new center, the members can "now focus on an inclusive agenda that addresses gender, race, class, and sexual orientation" because they are a feminist organization. Under the Women's Center title, many of these areas were not able to be explored because "not all women are feminists." Now this organization has the power to create new and exciting programs in the future.

Location of Document in Archives
Extra Features On-line, Vol. 9, No. 4