Co-education, A Barrier


Joseph Alexander Bennett (Class of 1894), wrote his commencement oration on the subject of co-education. He argues that instead of helping society, coeducation degrades it. Bennett believes that women in coeducational institutions, "are among men and yet not of them" and that the "feminine portion of mankind is not generally considered in the same way, nor in the same light as male." He argues that co-education brings both men and women together and "endeavors by the self same method to bring them both to the highest plane." This, Bennett argues, is not the best form of education because of the "fundamental differences in their nature" that cannot allow for equal learning. He states that "for neither the man nor the woman do I think co-education to be a beneficial institution." Bennett calls for the abolishment of co-education and believes it would be a "step in advance; and result in beneficial results to male and female" and that instead, more women's colleges be built to fill the demand.

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Orations 1894 B471C