"Conditions for Study" in Dean Meredith's Report "Women at Dickinson College"


In this section of her essay, Dean Meredith examined the conditions for study at Dickinson College. She had two main concerns about the conditions in the 1930s. First, Meredith is concerend with women dating. She explained that  commuters tend to come into town early and leave late now that they all have cars. This allows them to socialize and date unsupervised. Likewise, Meredith is concerned about Metzger Hall women dating as well. She explained, "Metzger girls spend their afternoon and other spare time about as day students do. From 2:50 to 6 oclock in the winter there is too much dating at Metzger but I allow it because students are better off in our parlour than on the street or at the movies or gossiping in the library."

Second, Meredith thought that there were far too many club meetings in the evening. She argued that there should be a "Program Committee" to limit and better organize events.

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