"Difficulties of Being a Coed" in Dean Meredith's Report "Women at Dickinson College"

circa 1935

In her report "Women at Dickinson College," Dean Meredith has a section titled "Women's Scholarship." In this section she discussed the ways in which women are strong students at Dickinson. However, it is difficult for female students. She explained that, "Co-education as we have it here is hardly fair to girls. There are not enough women teachers nor is there enough competition among the girls because girls are too few. Girls here are not œstudents they are œCo-eds, curiosities. A girl in a high school is just a student. Nobody is constantly reporting on her morals, manners, clothes, rules, scholarship, dates, dances etc. Constant lime light is bad for girls. Here they get praised blamed, entertained and ignored too pointedly. Normal women copy and compete with each other just as men do, but they do not copy and compete with men any more than normal men want to copy and compete with women."


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